Rachael Sage, the lyrical mastermind behind such beautifully personal songs as ‘Bravery’s on Fire’ and ‘Character’, has just dropped the official music video for her track, ‘Blue Sky Days’.


Themed around ice-skating, the video features Morgan Sage (no relation), swirling around a solitary Sage stood in the middle of an ice rink performing her song about gratitude and positivity in the face of adversity. The performance thus contrasts intimacy with grandeur, explosive and expansive movements with the quiet confidence of Sage’s performance.


The song itself is a meditative ode to the power of mindfulness, written during Sage’s recovery period after cancer treatment. ‘Blue Sky Days’ is a direct reference to the imagery used in the popular meditation app, Headspace, in which the guidance advises that thoughts are like clouds passing across a blue sky – that the clouds always clear. 


Watch the beautiful and emotional video for ‘Blue Sky Days’ down below!