Musician and instrumentalist Rachael Sage has returned with the acoustic reimagining of her critically acclaimed album ‘Myopia’. The new release – titled ‘PseudoMyopia’ – focuses on the concept of vision in both a metaphorical and literal sense. It examines the bigotry and ‘short-sightedness’ that afflicts society and urges us to explore how each and every one of us can make the world a more tolerant and accepting place.

Tracks ‘Alive’ and ‘Spark’ ask the listener to enjoy what life has to offer. Brimming with positivity and joy, Rachael sings “You fuel me like a candle flickering inside the dark/You save me like the daughters on Noah’s floating ark”, with Sage often making comparisons between herself to famous events and people, adding to the songs light-hearted approach.

Moving onto a more serious theme, songs ‘Maybe She’ll Have Cats’ and ‘Sistersong’ expose both Sage’s personal insecurities and political opinions. First number ‘Maybe She’ll Have Cats’ openly discuss the battle to feel comfortable in one’s own skin, whilst second track ‘Sistersong’ candidly comments upon feminism, women’s rights marches and the pressures females face today with Sage’s beautifully elegant lyrics and calming acoustic sounds carrying these important messages through effortlessly.

Taken from her album release performance at Joe’s Pub in New York City, the below clip (a live rendition of ‘This Darkness’) shows Sage’s captivating performance style and illustrates her musical talents perfectly.

Check out the video below, and stay tuned to see what Rachael Sage and her Sequins get up to next….