The Salinas, CA based Cumbia Urbana group, ¿Qiensave? has released their next single off their upcoming album El After. The new song, “Para Poderte Olvidar” is a recipe to forget a loss when in love. It is out now and available everywhere you stream music. Stream & Download:

The band, which has been together since 2009, has been catapulted center stage with recent touring along side notable acts like Grupo Kual, La Misa Negra, Celso Piña, La Santa Cecilia, Las Cafeteras, Little Jesus, Fuerza de Tijuana, É. Arenas, Tropa Magica, La Ronda Bogotá, Bang Data, and La Septima Banda among others. Additionally with the release of their albums Mujer (2019) and Como Ver Te (2016) the band saw national success with critical reviews in tastemaker magazines like Sounds and Colours, La Mezcla and hometown press at the Monterey County Weekly. The group is comprised of Carlos L Cortez (Rhythm Guitar/Vox), Alejandro Gomez (Lead Guitar/Vox), Mario Cortez (Guida/Keyboard/Vox), Ricardo Cortez (Drums/Vox), and William Cortez (Bass).

With the new song, “Para Poderte Olvidar” they bring their own twist to a cumbia love story. They reflect, “The song ‘Para Poderte Olvidar’ was inspired by the hardships we’ve faced and the moment we decided to let it go and forget. That can be the most difficult and yet the most beautiful moment in our lives.”  They continue, “I think everyone saw a glimmer of hope everything was getting better and we started to celebrate to forget the past. Humans do this,  we work to forget the old to start anew and that is the beauty of life. That’s the start of change. When people feel like things are so bad, things need to change even if leaving the past kills you.”

The new single comes out ahead of their 3rd studio album due out in Spring 2022. So far they have released three singles off the new album with the song “Para Poderte Olvidar” as the fourth and soon to be the newest release. Included on the album will be a cover of Chico Che’s cult classic “Mata De Mota”, which features Los Angeles based Psychedelic Cumbia band Tropa Magica. Also a retro sounding quebradita produced by Eduardo Arenas of Chicano Batman called “El DUI.” And Most recently ¿Qiensave? dropped their latest single on International Women’s Day, “La Poderosa” a celebration of la poderosa women who have supported the band along their journey.

Reflecting back on the new song the band comments, “This one is a bittersweet tale, a recipe to forget a loss in love. We have been there, some more than others and celebrate every moment of it, you got over that and that’s fucken awesome.”

Stream & Download here: