Michee is set to release his brand new single ‘Pennies’ to international audiences on Friday, 19th of November, a classic Pop-infused track, recorded in the renowned Powerplay Studios Zürich (Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz, Backstreet Boys). The single gathers a stellar selection of session musicians in drummer Roman Roth (Simply Red), guitarist Luca Colombo (Eros Ramazotti) and bassist Dudu Penz, mixed and mastered by Urs Wiesendanger. Born in Zürich to Italian parents, Michee is already widely known across Italy with his two recent singles ‘Voglia Di Te’ and ‘Tu Ce Faci’ making it into the Top 20 of the Italian charts, and supported by one of the most prominent national broadsheets L’Espresso.

Through heartfelt emotions Michee uses ‘Pennies’ to represent the choice a person has to make in life between their emotional urges and materialistic possessions. Talking from personal experiences, the single reflects on the countless couples that have broken up due to economic expectations, an attribute that is easily relatable to most modern relationships. Michee channels his personal experiences of being incapable of giving the woman he loved financial security which unfortunately brought his relationship to an end. He states: “In life, you always meet situations where people reject the world of emotions in order to pursue a career, and then when they have achieved something with this money they try to buy this world of emotions again”.

Sonically Pennies pays homage to legendary pop ballads of the past and is wrapped in top-notch modern production boasting magnificent melodies and beautiful harmonies. The memorable nature of the track makes this relatable love story stick with you, captivating the listener during each play.

Michee is no stranger to mixing languages and musical influences in his long and fruitful career, starting playing accordion when he was 6 before also learning piano and flute. Well-versed in Swiss, Italian, English, German and Spanish, his songs have seen international success across Europe and seen him write music for Billy Todzo, Larry Woodley and Dhenibe Romea. Having spent years composing and performing music at piano bars and orchestras, it wasn’t until his sons opened their professional recording studio and nudged Michee to pursue a serious music recording and publishing career.

Taking influences from a wide range of artists such as Al Jearreau, Elton John, Bruno Mars and Michael Buble, Michee aims to bring back those age-defying music values and principles that appear to be getting lost in contemporary music. Follow his socials for more music and future updates.

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