Todd Omohundro’s brand new album “The Future is Calling” is an outstanding ten song LP. Pennsylvanian born and based singer-songwriter Omohundro is a unique artist in that he plays with future musical sounds, and a “big band” , jazz-rock style. But that is not all. “The Future is Calling, the single, has big instrumental sounds, amazingly polished production and the way in which Todd sings has equal depth and positivity, with poise.  “When you Feel True Love” feels like more of a commercial track, again with big band instrumentation. There is a wonderful intro with guitar. 

The piano features quite markedly throughout the album, but most notably on the song “Drowning in Content.”  Here, the piano marries perfectly with Omohundro’s vocal melodies. This is a relevant song about how the Internet and social media has taken over everyday life. 

An unexpected personal experience in 2020 shaped Omohundro’s outlook and gave inspiration to write this album. He says: 

The Future Is Calling actually came to life from indescribable pain. In the fall of 2020, I had a random fall in the woods and needed shoulder surgery… shoulder surgery alone is excruciating pain but added on top of that was an unexpected situation where the anesthesiologist gave me too much anesthesia for my body weight and the overload started shutting my GI tract down. I honestly thought I was going to die and rewrote my will. I had quite a few ‘dark nights of the soul’ – YouTube meditations, prayer and some amazing inner strength/will to live kept me going through 8 brutal months.

Producer Jeff Weber encouraged Omohundro to get writing during this time, as a chance to heal and look at life from a different perspective. His greatest wish now is to Inspire People. 

All of the songs on this album have a certain spirit about them, almost like another chance to live life, and the listener will enjoy coming back to listen again and again. Musical influences include Sting and Earth, Wind and Fire. 

Todd Omohundro has sung with Pink, Broadway Stars, Chicago, The Phillip Pops and The Philadelphia Orchestra, and has taught many young children as a music teacher at Pennsylvania Public School. Omohundro was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and, even as a young child, was always fascinated and very involved with music. 

Todd is preparing for live performances of his album “The Future is Calling”, and is involved with a new creative outlet of filmmaking. 

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