The one good thing that came out of the pandemic is people’s interpretation of their experience in the form of music and art. Music producer and Grafitti artist LdashD is a prime example. 

His upcoming EP ‘Don’t Give Up’ encapsulates LdashD’s outlook on all the things we couldn’t do but were in desperate need of. ‘Don’t Give Up’ breathes with absolute originality and genre-bending production. LdashD shares his ethos: “I believe we are all beneficiaries of the amazingly rich & diverse musical legacy handed down through the centuries, I hope my own music sits comfortably in that life-enhancing, a man-made mix of an ever-expanding musical universe in much the same way say, an artist, Picasso perhaps, does to his heritage, time will tell.” 

The core ‘Don’t Give Up’ lies in the overflowing positivity despite being all produced and written during the pandemic. LdashD prides on energetic flows featuring infectious DnB elements. This is the third part of a trilogy of positive, forward-looking EP’s, ‘BestLife,’ ‘We Still Dance’ and now ‘Don’t Give Up.’

Like fredagain…’s ‘Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing), LdashD produces beats that are more than rave-worthy. It comes with four incredible tracks that long for liberty. The title track and ‘Does It Feel Right’ are already out for everyone to hear.