Word on the street is that PRESIDENT STREET (no relation!) are the pop-dance act with all the retro vibes you should be sitting up and taking notice of. 


‘Heartbreak Player’ the track and the EP it’s off are both out now. Double trouble from the Aussie duo who are a dab-hand at producing infectious tunes with heavy doses of dance nostalgia and lashings of drum ‘n’ base beats. 


Take ‘Heartbreak Player’, the single. With top notes of frontwoman Ruby’s impressive vocals, base notes of killer electric sounds and, at its lyrical heart, the conflict between following your heart or listening to your head and running for them there hills, it’s a solid earworm from PRESIDENT STREET – one that says they’re here to stay. 


Speaking of which, you can catch them supporting Roachford on his upcoming UK tour – so you get to experience what we’re talking about IRL. Which is our favourite kind of L. 


‘We are super excited to get back over to the UK and get in front of our fans and share our new songs with them,’ says Ruby of the tour. ‘We’re so buzzed to be part of the excitement of the return of live music and to get the chance to connect once again with people in real life.’


Just a hunch, but we think you’ll be hearing a lot more of PRESIDENT STREET.