Nature Loves Courage is the electronic music trio who aren’t afraid to blend genres to their liking. After years spent solo, bassist Jacob Bergman and drummer Garrett Smith join McKenna Rowe to create and deliver the best electronic art-rock there is.

They just released their new funky electronic pop single “Dark Horse.” It’s upbeat with a clear disco-funk beat and a synth pop melody. It utilizes instrumentation, like the bass and the guitar, and marries it with the synth beats and lilts in the melody. McKenna’s vocals are enticing and light, offering a sense of mystery and intrigue throughout. Overall, the song is reminiscent of Kate Bush and Goldfrapp. It definitely makes you think and groove at the same time.

Lyrically, the song is about the polyamory scene through the point of view of an experienced woman in that world. She sings Who’s the man hanging back?/He’s the hardest one you’ve got in the pack./Launch a flare./Return the stare,” revealing her own sense of intimacy and play. It was inspired by a friend of McKenna who explored that scene and even offers some of McKenna’s own interpretations. We hear McKenna’s point of view with “Here we are floating again…/feeding on suspense,” as her impression was that of wanting attention and feeling a rush of the chase. 

“This song was a pretty straightforward four on the floor kind of beat, so drummer Garrett just made sure to match that with some added intensity and tasteful fills,” shares McKenna. “We put a lot of heavy, crunchy room verb on the drum fills to make the contrast to the steady electronic beat. Garrett is one of those drummers who inherently understands less is more. You often can tell on our songs where the electronic beat ends and the drums begin and I like that! The onus of this song is all on the bass player! It absolutely requires heavy slap bass, and Jake nailed it! When writing the song, I used a slap bass midi patch and played out the bass line I wanted using a keyboard, just to give Jake the basic idea. It sounded pretty hilarious! Thank god I have access to a great bass player.”

“Dark Horse” is sexy, mysterious, and fun. It great for any summer playlist!

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