“This is a song about self-love and how you can overcome being in a toxic relationship where negative patterns repeat. You have to come to a point where you let go of the rope of that power struggle and choose yourself over the endless loops. Take off your mask and veil and walk away.”

Sometimes the solution is a song, and we know Ishani’s “Powertripp” is definitely the solution – to a toxic relationship, to anything really! First of all, we love a song about self-love and secondly, we love empowering ourselves by walking away from situations that don’t serve us well. First round of applause to Ishani. 

It is almost impossible to talk about this track without mentioning the accompanying music video. Vibrant yet dark, symbolic yet literal, the music and themes are truly brought to life with wonderful visual storytelling. The video is innovative, genuine and introspective. Second round of applause to Ishani.

Despite tackling a touchy and distressful topic, “Powertripp” holds an endearing sound which greatly calls for hope. Executed with grace, this track is the anthem you will play to your friend to show them how much they are worth! Final round of applause to Ishani, and here’s to many more!