Soulful Pop artist Michee returns with his latest heartfelt single ‘On Fire’, released on 20th May. The newest offering from the Swiss-born, Italian artist sees him explore his own emotions, reflecting on falling in love at first sight and effectively picturing how it feels to be, in his own words: “captured and in love.” Mixed and mastered at the prestigious Powerplay Studios (Lady Gaga, Prince, Backstreet Boys), Michee aims to spread his message to as many people as possible, sharing the passion and emotion he felt when he was younger through his music, and inspiring everyone to be just as honest, free and expressive in their feelings. 

‘On Fire’ sees Michee at his most contemplative, reminiscing about long-gone Summer nights and unbridled desires. While the relaxing piano and smooth instrumentation draw you in, it’s the saccharine, inviting quality to his voice that really grabs your attention and keeps you hanging on his every word. Peppered with emotive guitar licks and delicate elelctronic flourishes, his passionate and understated songwriting undoubtedly breathes new life into a tried and tested formula. Curiously, for ‘On FireMichee recruited Simply Red’s original drummer, who wore the same shoes he had on tour years ago in order to get the same feel and experience, personally reminded of the classic ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’.

Originally written six years ago, Michee waited until the just the right moment to fully develop the laidback feel and grooves of ‘On Fire’. The track comes accompanied by a fitting music video, shot at an old cinema in Zurich that first opened in 1953, alluding to the nostalgic and melancholic feel of the single. The video follows a projection of Michee’s own life and past relationship, cleverly portrayed by his own son and his wife as a powerful metaphor for the cycle of life.

Music has always been a major influence on Michee’s life. His love of music began at 6 years old with the gift of an accordion, and quickly blossomed from there, learning the piano and flute at the age of 9. Although he spent decades writing songs and honing his craft in piano bars and jazz clubs, Michee did not have the chance to publish his work until his two sons opened a recording studio, allowing him to fully realise his songs and share them with the world. Defying borders and genres as a true multilingual artist, Michee has written for other artists such as Billy Todzo and Larry Woodly.

Taking inspiration from a wide range of artists, from The Beatles to Simply Red, Michee’ timeless songwriting style is on full display with this emotionally-charged ballad. Already renowned in Italy for his songs ‘Voglia Di Te’ and ‘Elettrica’, Michee has secured a wide array of coverage for his previous singles, including publications in German and  Italian, alongside a premiere in Wonderland Magazine and even a TV interview on Tele Oberwallis.  With plans to build on his already considerable success with this latest track, be sure to follow Michee on all social media channels to keep up to date with all his latest news.