The notorious jam band New Potato Caboose have surely left their mark on the jam scene with catchy tunes with a sound influenced from many genres and places. As the first band to play Wetlands and over 200 show dates a year since the 90’s, the band has mastered the live show experience with with improvisation unlike any other.

They just released their newest single “It Ain’t a Thing,” from their upcoming album of the same name. “It Ain’t a Thing” is a bluesy rock song, reminiscent of New Orleans style blues, or as the band calls it, swamp-jam. “The song was originally done with a country feel but was later instilled with a swampy New Orleans vibe and that really took it over the top,” says John Trupp, the band’s drummer. “The song starts with a killer piano intro and then the instruments gradually roll into the groove.”

As the title suggests, the song is about leaving your worries at the door and just living in the moment. Inspired by a boat trip John took in the Chesapeake Bay, the songs message is about not worrying about the future because it hasn’t happened yet. The guitar, played by Don Laux, provides a sort of harmonization to the vocals, which is it’s own harmony. It also provides the melody and hook of the song that’s immediately recognizable in the song. They sing “It ain’t a problem till it’s a problem/but it ain’t a thing till it’s a thing/Don’t worry about tomorrow/it’ll be what it’ll be/It ain’t a thing till it’s a thing,” giving a clear message of just letting things happen.  

Their sound is very much inspired by The Grateful Dead, The Derek Trucks Band, and String Cheese Incident. You can hear their love for these bands and their passion for music in not just this song, but their entire discography. If this song is this good, we can only imagine what the album sounds like.

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