The EP offers listeners the chance to feel a real sense of freedom.

Joshua is a unique artist who has a clear message of love and acceptance with the aim of saving the world one pop song at a time. ‘Club Nirvana’ is his latest dance pop offering as he continues to explore messages of freedom, euphoria, youth, and acceptance. 

Delving deep into the creative side of ‘Club Nirvana’ Joshua mentions,

“The process of making this EP was special. I discovered so much more about myself as an artist and songwriter. I pushed my pen, my voice, and my confidence to a place I didn’t think it could go. This EP was hard to create at times due to me being a perfectionist and feeling like I could do better but in the end, I let the EP take over itself. I let it lead me into a somewhat ‘nirvana’. I just trusted the process and remembered why I do music, because it saved me and brought me pure joy.”

The EP includes recent single’s ‘Riot’ touches upon LGBTQ+ issues and the importance of acceptance and tolerance and ‘Energy’ which expresses feelings of temptation and embracing the moment, letting all our inhibitions go. Title track ‘Club Nirvana’ also celebrates queer culture in a more mysterious and fun way.

Check it out.