POETICA, uncontestedly the most unique record of the year, sees Rachael Sage trying her hand at jazz and spoken word in favour of her usual alt-folk style. To accompany this release, Sage teamed up with Midlands-based charity, Beatfreeks. 


Beatfreeks is an engagement and insight agency with a vital community of young creatives. They connect them to brands, government and funders so they can influence how the world works. They state that they are invested in young people getting their share of power. It’s the perfect partnership for Sage, a long time champion of young people’s creativity.


Of the partnership, Sage says, “Especially in these times, representation matters and is so vital in every realm, toward creating a more equitable and just world that reflects the needs and concerns of the generation coming up. I am delighted to have been asked to be an ambassador for BeatFreeks, who are doing exceptional work enabling diverse youth to have their voices heard in creative as well as corporate spaces. What a novel idea to enable young people to contribute meaningfully to the very brands that shape our culture and therefore, should genuinely reflect their needs and sensibilities. I love the progressive, community aspect of BeatFreeks, and how it provides free access to events and opportunities that will inevitably open doors, changing lives by empowering creative youth with access to bigger and brighter future opportunities. 


The origins of BeatFreeks and focus on spoken word and poetry as a way to bring young community together is so moving to me because it also reminds me of my early days in NYC’s East Village, where I would regularly attend open mics, debut new songs and poems in a shaky voice that gradually became more confident, nurtured by the mutual support among my peers. An environment of collective respect and reverence for individual perspectives that can strengthen the collective creative scene is such a powerful, vital space, and I look forward to lending my voice and experience as an artist to the BeatFreeks mission of inclusivity, mindfulness and positivity around issues that truly matter.”


To this statement of nostalgia and companionship, Amerah Saleh, General Manager of Beatfreeks added, “We are delighted to be partnering with Rachael and supporting her beautiful new album, Poetica. Our story here at Beatfreeks began with storytelling, when our founder Anisa created ‘Poetry Jam’ back in 2013 – an open-mic event to give young people in Birmingham, UK a space to have their voices heard, to express and to be free in the space. Since then, thousands of young people nationwide have walked through our doors with something to say, and Poetry Jam is still just as popular to this day. It’s such an important place for young people to be able to express themselves, and I have no doubt seeing Rachael reach such incredible heights with her work will inspire the many talented young people we have in our network to feel empowered to share their story.”

Listen to Poetica below!