Plain Mister Smith’s surrealist, globe head image is striking but would be nothing if wasn’t backed up by the amazing music on display across his debut album ‘I’m Just Plain Mister Smith’. Musically complex while retaining a light airiness to his production, the Vancouver native manages to pack complexity and emotion into his music whilst also demonstrating tight satirical lyricism that gives the music a surrealist edge to match Smith’s image.

Blending acoustic and electric guitar with both live bass and drums but also subtle electronics and synths, the genre is best described as Indie-Folk, however, labeling Smith’s work would massively simplify the diversity across the album with moments that feel more like Alt-Pop and others which delve into the realms of Electronic. Topped with guest vocal courtesy of Jordan Klassen and Jocelyn Price, the pair frequently harmonise across the album’s 9 tracks, demonstrating their full capabilities and striking chemistry on the album’s highlight ‘Flawed Diamonds’.

Speaking about the album, Plain Mister Smith adds: “I’m Just Plain Sister Smith album is a dog’s breakfast of lyrical jewels, exploring alien arrivals, self-loathing and delusion, seduction in space, and cat cafes in Osaka. Sonically the music creeps and rolls along and soars too, and sometimes the guitars and strings and keyboards are lush and pastoral, on top of which Jordan Klassen and Jocelyn’s Prices’ vocals can intermesh and hypnotise.  Maybe there’s something here for music obsessives, who like their music a little pop but rogue too, where you never quite know what lies around the next sonic corner”.

Listen below: