Originally from Italy, Parkshores is an indie-pop outfit based in Los Angeles, California. They are inspired by a variety of styles, including indie, electronic, k-pop and trap. Now the trio returns with their nostalgic offering ‘Limousine’. The last release in Parkshores’ upcoming debut EP, the track perfectly encapsulates their unique genre-blending sound and aesthetic.

Parkshores share more behind the meaning of the track:

“It defines not just a message but the aesthetic we are looking forward to representing, that is the one of the future. ‘Limousine’ is a song that speaks about the multiple streams of thoughts you have when you are just done with college. The need of finding an occupation eventually as soon as possible, the indirect need of finding validation in your career with status objects like a car, a house, online presence, your outfit and more, but most importantly how people around you will influence your decisions that will put the foundation for your future career and what person you decide to be.”

Produced in their college dorm just before finishing college, the track was remastered after some months from Grammy award-winning master & mixer Chris Allgood from The Lodge Studio in NY

Alongside the release, Parkshores also deliver a stylistic music video that captures the story behind the track. The main character in the video, a young businessman, looking for an output of freedom, “happens to call Parkshores’ and is being teleported to another dimension where meets many new friends that went through the same painful process of finding themselves. Everything happens in a space that is at the boundary between physical and digital, projecting us in the future where space is expanded on the web. The band created the video themselves in video game software Unreal Engine. 

“‘Limousine’ was initially called ‘Die At the Top’, as the chorus mentions. With “Die At The Top” we want to underline the fact that great achievements and fame also implies a lot of personality changes and facing yourself continuously, dealing with existential crisis and mental health” – Parkshores add.

Expressing their music through an artistic approach that englobes multiple media, the band recently released multiple NFTs available now at Foundation.

With the intention of immersing the listener into their own dimension and creating a unique language and style, ‘Limousine’ is certainly indicative of what they hope to accomplish in the future.