“I want this song to ooze love, joy and PRIDE! Anyone can love and be loved. As a proud member of the gorgeous LGBTQ+ community I’m so happy to share this track and most importantly give out love to you all. I believe it’s so important to reveal your true self and your true feelings to the one you like most. I know it’s freakin’ scary, but I believe it’s a risk worth taking!” says Piera, the voice and songwriting talent behind what is possibly the cutest love song of the summer…?!


Taking on the classic crush song and putting an LGBTQ+ twist on it, Piera makes use of simplistic melodies and deeply personal lyrics to remain loud and proud even after Pride month has ended. This is a song for everyone which celebrates the equality of universal love. ‘Love Is Meant for You’ is also for those that haven’t yet confessed to your crush, to your friend, someone you think you could never have. As the world starts to open up now, it’s the perfect time to proudly celebrate the kind of love which has seen us through the past year-and-a-bit of dark and tricky times.



We’re loving the video too – there are so many colours! Suitable, really, for an LGBTQ+ anthem. It’s set on the beach, i.e. it’s perfect for a summer tune, and it includes a female love interest – which sounds obvious, but how often does that actually happen in a music video? Less than it should, that’s for sure.


Thank you, Piera, for this blessing. Happy year-round Pride everyone!