Written by: Melanie Gomez

Once Around Saturn (Dan Kelso) is a pop artist from Australia who has been making music since 2014. With his latest single “Fortress Of Love” featuring Amanda Easton, off of his EP These Promises, you can quickly feel the 80’s vibe similar to the styles of artists like Genesis and A-ha. Whenever we hear music that sounds “different”, our attention is immediately drawn, and Dan accomplished that 100%.

Dan says “So I fired up this sonic rocket in the middle of 2014, dusted off my olds synths and incorporated some new tech. Initial songs were refined ideas that I’d had for years, but couldn’t seem to find a singer that could nail them. Fortunately, my engineer here in Sydney pointed me in the direction of the powerful yet angelic tones of Amanda Easton, a talented songstress and performer in her own right. She has become an integral part of the Once Around Saturn sound.”
He continued saying, “Every few months I get into the studio and work on new material, building up a repertoire of songs to ensure a steady stream of releases for some time to come.”

For Dan, it’s really no secret that he loves synth pop; from the classic British eighties acts to the more contemporary sounds of other musicians influenced by that earlier era. “As technology progresses, new sonic possibilities become more accessible to the independent artist, but at the heart of it all is the sense of song,” says Dan. “I love writing. I love recording. I feel truly alive when creating music. Long may it last.”

Check out “Fortress Of Love” below: