OMNINORM music label launches with the release of ‘INTERVAL’ (Deluxe Edition) by AUTiSM

OMNINORM Records marks the beginning of operations with the release of the remastered deluxe edition of “Interval” by AUTiSM, available as a digital release and on vinyl.

OMNINORM is a brand-new label of passionate people coming from a range of fields and operating from around the globe. The label is focused on electronic music that people behind the lable believe is good enough to stand the test of time and to become a dear life companion.

“Interval”, originally released in 2016, was newly remastered by Bill Sellar with Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering and features a previously unreleased track, “Time Flows.” The new artwork was developed exclusively for the remastered version of the album.

The album is rich in methods, approaches, and emotions. Samples, constructed voices, chopped and clear vocals organically get along with each other — it’s easy to forget that this is primarily an instrumental electronic album. Very visual, song-like tracks swing between shade and light, melancholy and determination. Constructed mostly from bits and pieces coming from diverse digital sources, the album sounds amazingly human and emotional. Hardware and software units, field recordings from multiple world locations, found samples, stock sites discoveries, and on-the-go phone experiments weave a web of visions, dreams, and revelations.

“There are questions that many of us ask ourselves in the moments when we are honest with ourselves. What is life, death, love, time, eternity? This album is a kind of reflection of these and many other questions in the mirror of electronic music.” says Vadim Militsin, the driving force behind the project. “I do not know the answers to these questions yet. This album is a part of the quest.”

“Interval (Deluxe)” is available now on all major platforms including iTunes Store and Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, VK and beautiful LP release coming early 2020. More information and news can be found on our website as well as on our social profiles:


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