I need someone to roll their eyes and doubt me, and you kinda do


Always In Bloom” is a light, breezy song. It’s been kicking around in the form of various demos since the band began three years ago. It is probably the simplest Nutrients track ever – a true three-chord wonder. Lyrically, “Always In Bloom” is about coming to terms with people’s flaws, or maybe even embracing them. Not every relationship in one’s life has to have this profound sense of importance. Some can just be fleeting. But maybe that makes them profound and important…


Always In Bloom” is available now on Bandcamp and Spotify. Watch the official “Always In Bloom” music video on YouTube, as well. If you like it, we’d appreciate it if you could share!


The video is a bunch of clips we took at a cottage we visited up north while we were finishing writing our debut self-titled album. Nutrients is available to stream in full on Bandcamp and Spotify now.


This record is a concise collection of all of our favourite songs written in our first two years together as a band. Since recording last fall, it already sounds kinda nostalgic, even after only one year. We recorded to tape at a tiny studio located above Ted’s Collision (a well-known dive bar) in Toronto’s Little Italy. We had all of the guitars, drums, bass, and vocals ready, but everything else heard on the LP (like the saxophone, clarinet, and rhodes piano) were written during those couple weekends spent recording back in 2018.


Thanks for listening!



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