NIN3S shares his full album ‘Hopeyard’ which comes out on April 22nd on Dorado Records, with the moody alt soul focus track ‘The Tunnel’ featuring Irvin Suave.

Focus track ‘The Tunnel’ features Nigerian vocalist-songwriter-producer, Irvin Suave who brings an RnB-gospel tinge to proceedings. Known for his startlingly beautiful, alt-soul falsetto and reflective lyrics, ‘The Tunnel’ tells a story of seeking an escape from pain and loneliness. Suave’s melancholy lyrics and yearning delivery is like a confessional, wrapped by jazz inflected instrumentation with slick atmospheric synth and beats and a melody so immediate, it’s sure to stay with the listener.

NIN3S releases ‘Hopeyard’ in response to the emptiness he felt through endless touring and self-searching through his time in lockdown. In evidence is his deep love of the piano which he places at its heart. His desire to reconnect with his classical roots sees NIN3S combining the acoustic with the electronic to create jazzy broken beats and bewitching melodies. A classically trained pianist, NIN3S sheds his skin a successful house DJ Uner, and emerges a sophisticated, accomplished and nuanced musician and producer to showcase the breadth of his musicality, storytelling and moods.

Having won over 10 awards as an international producer/artist and numerous accolades including Best Newcomer at the Ibiza DJ Awards, enigmatic studio wizard, composer, arranger and songwriter, NIN3S strips away years of progressive house sounds to present ‘Hopeyard’, an ever evolving, cinematic journey of jazz electronica, mesmerising beats and elements of neo classical experimentation.

Last year’s debut single ‘So Far So Close’ was a sonic masterpiece, and the follow-up ‘Adeve’ an odyssey of jazz electronica featuring the jazz brass of featured artist Teal Jazz (a Cuban artist who has collaborated with Chucho Valdes, Pat Metheny, Pablo Alboranwith spacey synths, melancholic piano and relentlessly grooving drums. Third single was the epic, emotive anthem ‘Khokhoba’, featuring the heart-drenched vocals of South African Xhosa vocalist, writer, poet and musician Toshi Tikolo, who has worked with some of most credible names in electronic music including Black Coffee and David Morales and listed in Mixmag’s ‘Top 17 African Women Shaping Dance Music’. The album is bookended by the dazzling, delicate piano piece ‘Devil’s Hopyard’.

HOPEYARD tracklisting

  1. Adeve feat. Teal Jazz
  2. Khokhoba feat. Toshi
  3. Ascension
  4. The Tunnel feat. Irvin Suave
  5. Darkness In The Backyard
  6. Simulation Happiness
  7. So Far So Close feat. Outside
  8. Times feat. Ellis Hudson
  9. Scars feat. Teal Jazz
  10. Devil’s Hopyard