To those of you who don’t know Nika Taleghani, it might be time to familiarise yourself with her music. She is only 19 years of age and already boasts an impressive collection of songs, showing a diverse range. Her future seems to be growing brighter with each release and ‘The Cave 2.0’ is no exception.

Growing up Nika has struggled with anxiety, but only recently did she become aware of it when she felt a noticeable change as soon as she began singing. That moment, everything else melted away and made sense. A clear direction that she could follow in life. 

Taleghani is becoming a trendsetter. Her music is breaking down the mould of what pop music is, by fusing a mix of electro and house with a soulful voice that can only be compared to the likes of Robyn, Lady Gaga and more recently Charlie XCX. While these comparisons can be made, the 19 year-old still commands a sense of respect for her uniqueness, or independence, far beyond her age.

The Cave 2.0 is her best example so far of what she is capable of. It develops and expands musically from her previous song The Cave. It’s clearly well thought out structurally, but retains a certain amount of spontaneity throughout, keeping the listener intrigued until the very end. Her vulnerability as a vocalist allows the performance to remain intimate, as she touches on her struggles with anxiety while juxtaposing it with a big musical bedding that wouldn’t sound out of place on any major radio station.

She says about the track:

“I wanted to create something that would make people get up and dance. Dancing is something that I hold close to my heart. I would always dance in front of my bedroom mirror to alleviate the anxiety that I had.”

Listen here: