Nick Lamb is a pop/rock singer and songwriter from Pennsylvania who writes music from the passions of the heart, and that’s one of the many things that we look for when listening to any artist. For Nick, “Music is the soul’s interpretation of life’s moments.”

There’s just something special about an artist who puts their heart and soul into their music compared to a person who’s just singing for money/fame. This probably has to do the with the fact that Nick grew up poor, so he learned how to see past the superficial things in life.

Nick’s latest single, “Gettin’ High Off You”, is a song that’s all about the happiness that his wife brought him when life was all about living fast and partying. The message in this song is for people to feel the importance of love, and how it should be a free and positive thing. Love is a free cure that can conquer the demons that many people face everyday.

With lyrics like, “I’m gettin’ high off of you / Ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do for you / My friends say I’m crazy and they say I’m screwed / ‘Cause I’m gettin’ high off of you,” you can truly tell that he’s in love with the person he’s singing about and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. This is the exact type of high that’s drug free, positive, and brings happiness naturally.

Nick Lamb will be releasing his first independent album, Rock N Roll’s My Road at the end of May. “Getting High Off You” will be the first single off of that album, and you can listen to it on Spotify and/or SoundCloud right now.

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