In a time when many artists seek to project a kind of perfection through social media selfies and Tik Tok-ready happy sounds, Vancouver Roots Rock group New Yank Yorkies are singing about what’s more likely the reality on rollicking new single “Bring Back the Love”; the house is a mess. The laundry is getting unruly. The bills are piling up. You’re day drinking, thinking about the one that got away. “Where is the love?”, vocalist/guitarist Geoff Gibbons asks, knowing very well it won’t be returning any time soon. If that may sound a bit dire, this downtempo, soulful groover has enough punch, sweetness and tongue-in-cheek humor to make it go down smooth.

Before social media, before cell phones and before Auto-Tune, there were bands that made real music together. Recording was an art form and recording studios were a thriving industry. Mboxes came along, the internet happened and the music business died. But everything’s gonna be alright.

With a pedigree like a Best In Show winner at Westminster, the New Yank Yorkies have a musical lineage that traces back through Canadian recording royalty. Start reading album jackets and you’ll see their names popping up everywhere. From Juno award winning records to TV and film soundtracks to their own solo records, the Yorkies are a prolific group of musicians who have come together to create a brand of roots-rock-alt country-road music that’s too good to ignore.

Not your typically-groomed show biz darlings, the members of New Yank Yorkies have worn the hats of session musicians, producers and songwriters who all share a love of recording and performing music. And while vying for a spot alongside the same artists they’ve created hit songs for would be the natural path for this new band to follow, they have set their sites on a much more selfish goal: to make music their own way and find an audience that’s crazy enough to come along for the ride.


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