CE Distribution and SoZoTM Capacitors are pleased to announce the immediate release of the new SoZo Silver Mica capacitors. This new capacitor line offers superior musicality and linearity and are modeled after the well sought out vintage picofarad capacitors of yesteryear. These custom designed capacitors have the same electrical characteristics and sound of the ones from the past.

The characteristics of SoZo silver micas are clear, smooth, vocal, clean and linear top end. SoZo caps are smooth without forward treble, i.e., the top end voicing does not add the treble harshness like standard silver mica caps tend to do. Also, standard silver mica caps often have excess energy and ringing in the out-of-band audio frequencies which creates a disconnected strident metallic high end in any amplifier circuit. The SoZo design eliminates this excess energy and ringing in the out-of-band audio frequencies; therefore, with the SoZo caps, the treble does not detach from the fundamental note and does not create sibilance like modern components do.

In every audition performed, the new SoZo silver mica capacitors were the preferred hi-frequency component in every audio application – equalizers, microphones, or guitar amplifiers – due to their superior musicality and linearity. These SoZo caps will delight OEM, D.I.Y., restoration, and hobbyist builders worldwide.

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