Mikewdennis is an American Guitarist/Songwriter from northeas Ohio. Lead guitar in northeast Ohio band, Fatal Method. He is influenced by Progressive Metal, Black Metal, Classical, Rock and acoustic. His past releases include “Transnomino,” “Lost In Another World” and “Number 7” single. “8th Deadly Sin” Single will be released Feb. 20th.

Mikewdennis says, “Your thinking, ‘Wait, there’s only 7 deadly sins, what’s the 8th?’ Based on a mysterious casting of a haunting and corruption. It’s I-instrumental…the title enables and encourages the listener to interpret their own meaning or words to the song. Or, if the listener just wants to jam out and is into the same stuff I am. (It) keeps it jammin’ and mysterious. (It) has catchy riffs, rippin, melodic solos, with a variety of virtual instruments and a horror theme to the music. More music is coming. (I’m) hoping to continue with expansion, growth and support, and (I’m) definitely excited, and cant wait to be able to play out again, as a band and/or solo artist…both.”