Final single of project Isolation Tapes

With both Dutch and South American roots, Jessy Yasmeen brings the best of both worlds. Her dreamy indie folkpop is inspired by acts such as Ben Howard, Bon Iver and Matt Corby. With her songs she wants to challenge listeners to be vulnerable and help conquer personal battles like fear and desire.

Set on a calm piano intro, picking up a beat and transitioning into widely fanning and echoing guitar chords, new single You is the first more uptempo song by Jessy Yasmeen and we are digging it!

Jessy: “You is about falling in love with someone who is afraid to fall and can’t open up. From the start you somehow know that this won’t last but still you hold on to it.”

You is the final single of a project that Jessy Yasmeen started this year while drawing inspiration from the world being in lockdown. All four singles are now bundled on the new EP Isolation Tapes.

Jessy about her project:
“Summer is different this year because of COVID-19. Thinking about what normally happens during this time is going out for a dance, going to the beach and meeting new people. And I guess the heat kinda activates the butterflies. Because every summer I fall in love and this ‘summer love’ ironicly always ends as soon as the the season is over.
You can see the EP Isolation Tapes as a collection of happenings from the past years and a way of celebrating that time and closing the season to get back to life/reality.
I take the listener on a (world) trip and thereby introduce them to South American rhythms combined with an indie vibe.
In addition to being a musician, I wanted to outline better what I want from a producer. But I kinda got the hang of it in this time of self isolation, so in the end the songs turned out as co-productions with producer Teodor Voicu.”

Over the past three years, Jessy Yasmeen played more than 80 shows on stages in The Netherlands and Germany. Last year her debut EP saw the light of day, she won a big Dutch music award, ‘Grote Prijs van Rotterdam’ (category: singer-songwriter), and earned nominations for the Rotterdam Music Awards (categories: ‘the promise’ and ‘best track’).

LeFutureWave: “Yasmeen creates her own musical world. She makes real art.”

Both single You and EP Isolation tapes are released 2 October 2020 on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)

composer: Jessy Yasmeen  |  ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00068



1. Come Dance
2. Stay With Me
3. Let’s Slip Away
4. You

“Come Dance is about someone you meet on a sultry summer evening and with whom you would like to have a dance.”

“Stay With Me is about reconnecting with your ex lover in the summer.”

Let’s Slip Away is a song about when you have a strong connection with someone and it’s not only the physical attraction between the two, but also because of what you have in common.”

You is about falling in love with someone who is afraid to fall and can’t open up.”

The singles were featured in:
– Spotify’s Dutch New Music Friday, A Shot Of Indie, Slow Movement, Karakter playlists a.o.
– Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlist
– iTunes Netherlands and Germany chart
And got airplay in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and the US

composer: Jessy Yasmeen  |  EAN: 8720205101266