Continuing their sonic shift, Northern Captives have shared their heaviest work to date in the form of new single ‘EVERY HIGH’. The single is the third track from the band’s triptych of singles released in 2022 and musically pushes the dynamics to far extremes. The band continue their exploration by pushing on perimeters of Alt-Rock, Punk Rock, Indie, and Emo allowing for development within their sound.

Having dedicated many years to previous and current projects such as Bad Ideas, Real Talk and Hell’s Ditch the band wanted to take a different approach with this project; creatively functioning as independently as possible on all levels, developing a creative outlet as rewarding as it is demanding.

Check out the official music video for ‘EVERY HIGH’ right here:

“Musically we wanted this song to push the dynamics to far extremes. We boiled down our verses to just kick, snare, bass, and vocals to match the intimacy of Cook’s lyrics. We kept drum parts very percussive, staying away from unnecessary ringing crashes allowed us to sonically explore low fi and broken textural sounds which would normally have been lost under cymbals. We allowed the choruses to explode into a rich and dark sounding textural wall featuring distorted guitars and keys that amplified the desperation in the hook line ‘why must every high come down? Won’t you stay around?’” – Northern Captives

‘EVERY HIGH’ follows the release of recent singles ‘Simple Narratives’ and ‘Distraction Or Cure’ which saw the band grow nationally across multiple platforms. Picking up support from BBC Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio, Total Rock Radio, Planet Rock, Punktastic and BBC Music Introducing who made ‘Distraction Or Cure’ their ‘Track Of The Week’