An ethical and transparent music ecosystem that will change the future of music. Fair play for music. Forever.

Settle, North Yorkshire, 1st July 2021 Go To Hear’s international team – including music and tech industry professionals and a Silicon Valley veteran – has created a new ethical music streaming platform that aims to change the streaming landscape and put profits back into the hands of musicians and artists all over the world.

With a unique pay-as-you-go streaming system and direct to artist payments for streaming and downloads, Go To Hear gives artists a platform that pays 4x more per stream than Spotify with 100% of profits going to its members.

A UK study by YouGov, on behalf of the #BrokenRecord campaign, found that 77% of respondents thought artists are not being paid enough, while 76% felt songwriters were also underpaid. The current system is unethical and unsustainable and Go To Hear aims to change this by providing a streaming platform for artists that puts right the inherent failings of other streaming services.

Go To Hear is at the forefront of music industry innovation with a development roadmap that includes leveraging crypto and blockchain to eventually hand over control of the company to its members, NOT a boardroom of suits.

Go To Hear will be a platform supported by those who want to see the music industry thrive.

Key elements of Go To Hear:

  • direct to artist payments for streaming and downloads
  • a transparent and fair music platform delivering fair play for music – forever
  • 100% of profits go to members
  • easy share buttons on all content, linked to you, for rewards for sharing
  • a directory setup for all aspects of the industry
  • rewards via Go To Hear crypto/blockchain tokens

Mark Dale, co-founder and spokesperson for Go To Hear says…

“We’ve developed a new music streaming platform and ecosystem that works fairer and better for EVERYONE – Musicians, Listeners and Industry – we encourage everyone who values music to take a look, register, upload music, listen, blog/write about their music interests and releases and get the crowd marketing their content at“