Minneapolis based Nathalie Fideler has just released her brand new single ¨Judas.¨ This is the third single release from her upcoming album Three Man Army

The song describes Fideler´s experience of religious indoctrination within her church while growing up. It is a raw and candid account, with her unique style of nerd-rock. It´s a kind of funky, fresh mix of pop, R&B and alternative rock. 

With punchy guitars, strong vocals and a passionate voice, “Judas” is transformative in musical sound as well as its message: 

“ ‘Judas’ is about my upbringing in a religiously abusive church. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school until the age of 12. My family then switched to an evangelical Christian church when my sister and I were bullied out of our Catholic school … this evangelical church was our home for many years, but my family was constantly picked on for being outside of the mold of what a ‘good’ Christian family / household looked like.¨

The refrain stands out for its angelic higher vocal notes and electric guitars. Comparisons in musical sound have been made with the likes of Liz Phair and Regina Spektor. Some of Fideler´s influences include Liz Phair, The Beatles, Good Charlotte and Tchaikovsky. 

¨Judas¨ features Natalie on guitars and vocals, Hailey Jacobsen on bass and Leigh Underwood on drums. The track was produced by Natalie Fideler and recorded at Madd Recording by Steven Vander Horck. 

Listen here:

Fideler´s upcoming record was funded by the LGBTQ and Emerging Artist Award , and everyone involved in the band identifies as such. Fideler has said that one of her main goals as a demisexual lesbian artist is to champion her queer and questioning audience, to uplift the works of fellow LGBTQ artists and collaborators to let them know they are not alone and are perfect just the way they are! 

Stay tuned for the trio’s upcoming album, Three Man Army.

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