N E U R O T I X is a grunge/alternative/punk/rock band from Chicago consisting of Dominic Tonozzi (lead vocals and guitar), Paul Rhyne (lead guitar), Carlo Tamayo (bass and vocals), and Dave Reisig (drums and vocals). With their latest single, “Loser”, we’re getting MAJOR Nirvana vibes! And we’re not complaining about it! So whoever called them a loser, jokes on them.

According to the band, the song was written when they were just starting out. “This song means a lot to us. It was one of our first ‘favorites,” says N E U R O T I X. “We hadn’t played a show yet. We were just jamming in a garage drinking beer at that point, so it’s almost fate that it’s now going to be our first official release.”

With “Loser”, they’re definitely bringing back grunge music with a super rad video to back it up. Watching the video, the band is performing. Yeah you might think that’s normal. But in some scenes they’re playing in the water!  Full drum kit in water and everything. Call us crazy, but we just can’t get over how much fun these guys look like they’re having. Because after all, isn’t that the point of music? A way to make you and/or someone else happy?

The band says, “Ever since the death of Nirvana’s lead-man, Kurt Cobain, the style has been mostly obsolete.” So that’s why they’re happy to be bringing it back! According to them, “It makes the listener come alive with its high intensity and loud obnoxious tones.” And we agree. There’s something about grunge music that just makes you feel free.

So if you’re loving “Loser”, don’t worry, there’s more music! The band will be releasing three tracks leading up to their newest album, which will be released on June 22nd.

If you love bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam, then you might love N E U R O T I X!

Check out the video for “Loser” below!

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