Written by: Melanie Gomez

My Silent Bravery is an alternative pop/rock artist from Boston, Massachusetts consisting of Matthew Wade. Encouraging and empowering each Braveheart (his fans) to find their own voice and follow their dreams, Matt released his latest single “Face to Face” off of his new album Breakthrough (Acoustic.)

With the intro lyrics to “Face To Face (Acoustic)” being, “I don’t want to go another day on my own,” you can instantly tell it’s going to be a heartbreaking song about love. Although Matt’s work is usually very hopeful, he stays true to his emotions. After all, stars can’t shine without darkness.

Listening to the acoustic version of “Face To Face,” Braveheart’s can really see that Matt’s wearing his heart on his sleeve. Within the video, Matt follows the girl he loves almost as if he’s a ghost. He sees her doing her daily activities as he constantly wishes he were right there beside her, even though he actually isn’t. He even scrolls through pictures of her on social media, but realizes what happened between him and her cannot be fixed.

As the song goes on with lyrics like, “All I want to see / is you smile at me / Can we please go back before things got bad,” it’s hard to not want to root for the couple throughout.

If you love artists like One Republic, The Script, The Fray, Train, John Mayer, Gavin Degraw, and/or Jason Mraz, you may love My Silent Bravery!
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