The concept of courage has taken on a new meaning for Rachael Sage and her new project ‘Bravery’s On Fire’. After enduring some personal battles, Sage has come out fighting on the other side and her new bold and beautiful music video for ‘Bravery’s On Fire’. 

Navigating her way through the process of putting together ‘Bravery’s On Fire’, the music video gives viewers, fans and supporters of Sage a personal insight into the creativity needed by an artist to conjure up a song as stunning as ‘Bravery’s On Fire’. Lonely in a recording studio and the weight of making a song on her shoulders, the different scenes are the perfect visual display for the tracks poignant lyrics. However taking back control, Rachael Sage has the last say in the videos closing moments, with Sage beautifully dressed behind a piano before it bursts into flames in the videos dramatic ending. 

Rachael Sage’s new music video for ‘Bravery’s On Fire’ is out now, with upcoming album ‘Character’ coming out in Spring 2020. 

Click play below on Rachael Sage’s ‘Bravery’s On Fire’ here.