The pop-rock outfit Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells have released their brand new animated music video for the track ‘It’s Your Night’ which is taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘ARRIVAL’.

Enlisting skilled animators and graphic designers Aspe & Gonzalez, the 3-D video opens with a lonely astronaut exploring a place with no other visible life signs. However, our protagonist is blinded by a scan light and that then reveals a lone female in this barren land. 

The song began to blossom during the band’s first songwriting session when Christian Pearl (Keyboardist) presented the idea to his bandmates. Soon Adam King (Lead Vocalist) and Dorian Foyil (Guitarist) developed the image-inducing lyrics, flowing melody and fluid guitar harmonics.

The rhythm section consisting of Kevin Dean (Drums) and Earl Forbes (Bassist) keep the groove going whilst Pearl opts for a mixture of synths and upper-range piano as the track builds up to the rousing finish. 

In conclusion, the astronaut is able to meet a majestic woman whilst exploring an empty civilisation and both parties are full of emotion following the encounter even though they are completely different. The premise reminds me of Guillermo Del Toro’s award-winning 2017 film ‘The Shape of Water’ as that also used stunning special effects and crisp cinematography to tell a unique love story. 

The song’s lyrics are full of warmth and passionately executed by King’s textured lead vocal. A welcome cosmic release from Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells.