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I love New York, but it’s got a wild energy. It can be a hard place to feel vulnerable. When I wrote this song, I was heartbroken, and felt like the city had kicked the shit out of me. 

Wreak Havoc” is part surrender, part plea. It’s about finding power through submission.


PHOTO CREDIT – Talia Shipman

I produced “Wreak Havoc” with Benjamin Schwab, of the bands Drugdealer and Golden Daze. 

Ben knows how to evoke other eras without being slavishly into throwback sounds.


We recorded in his home studio. It’s in a guest house on a property behind my good friends’ home in Silver Lake, L.A. Most days I would walk over to this beautiful backyard, see my friends who would give me flowers or lemons from their tree, and Ben and I would start playing around.


On this song, I always knew I wanted a dreamy roving sax.  We brought in Joseph Renolayan who improvised a couple of takes – he just really got it. It was a lovely experience.


Thanks for listening! I can’t wait for you to hear more songs from my sessions with Ben soon.