Shamik, at the head of ambient & experimental label Sensing Waves, just released the track ‘Meteor‘. It expresses the heavy feelings created by unexpected events that spiral into a deeper sadness. The song’s first recordings were created in 2018. To trigger different workflow ideas, and after feeling overwhelmed with too many electronics, Shamik simplified his production and turned to one synth. He pressed record and put down layer after layer. He then sampled and resampled the audio to make soundscapes out of the synth melodies. Returning to this project while experiencing long covid, Shamikfinally finished Meteor, nearly 3 years later.


The audiovisual release features a full music video by Esther Bogorov. It too was a long project, built over three years of change and conversations. The visuals are a pursuit of patterns of movement through which a new space can evolve. Using code and natural building materials, Esther researches and designs visual narratives and narrative landscapes.