Need a Little More,” the second single from our upcoming album, Call Me Up (out October 25th), is an exploration of unrequited love.

Our frontman, Brandon Gibson-DeGroote, sings with David Ocean (Boybitch, Precious Jewel), on “Need a Little More,” which features a playful, queer twist on the classic unreciprocated love ballad. Both singers on the track are willing to accept the imperfect complexity of their relationship.

Call Me Up is a journey into many colours of love, from the kind of love that you can turn to, unreciprocated love, and the kind of love that drives you to abandon yourself. Call Me Up explores the commercial pop of our childhood through a deep, serious set of songs that aren’t without our uniquely winking sense of fun and humour.

We are always trying to walk a line between sincere and ironic, cheesy and fun. As a band of three men, we wanted to explore and express the complexities of relationships, as well as the borderlands between friend and lover.

Within the context of toxic masculine relationships, so much is left unsaid and so many feelings are left unexpressed or explored.

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