The satirical and introspective Sarantos is back with another single; I’m A Bitch. This track is a return to the clever and metaphorical lyricism which made Sarantos stand out and be noticeable with other intellectual hits like; Eyebanging and I Never Catch The Train. I’m A Bitch however presents the vindictive and jealous nature from a third-party perspective as Sarantos delves deeper into the psyche of the envious human condition. “I look so stupid when I lose control, Can’t keep my beer glass dry, I’ve destroyed her trust, And there’s no good reason why.” Here we experience (what draws to my mind), a boyfriend who said and did something unbecoming to drive his mate away while; “I know it’s not true my thoughts are not reality, There’s nothing I can do I’m drowning in her gravity, I can’t help myself I’m trapped in my own hell.” offers perspective and insight into the realization of said condition. Now, put all of this behind a nostalgic 80’s back beat fresh with that classic synthesizer that elicits an aerobic response. The zeitgeist of the themes captures the overall essence of the lyrical theme. Sarantos also comes out of his performance shell on this track, allowing himself more expression which is not typical of his style and performance method. I really feel this is a welcome side of the performance approach as I’m A Bitch grabs audiences with that nostalgic synth and the vocal dynamism.

I’m A Bitch is very well executed in the production as that interesting synth melody seems to cut through the listening space while the underlying groove hits audiences with funk and an excellent swing. I feel Sarantos is ready to see commercial success with this track. Apart from the very impressive stream counts he is already amassing, I’m A Bitch will be well-suited to any Middle-Of-The-Road, Retro, Adult Contemporary, or Country radio formats. I feel this track would be very well fitted into a club mix as a DJ could have a lot of fun exploring those synth samples and exploring the many variations of the melody. With a seemingly constant timetable of single releases, Sarantos is able to churn out approachable, replayable, and enjoyable tracks with relative ease. I’m A Bitch maintains his inertia and momentum as the industry takes notice of this clever songwriter.

–Lee Callaghan