Having taking inspiration from bands across the metal genre, old and new, Kent’s very own MODES are today thrilled to continue their journey with a blistering new offering called ‘Infamous’.

With ‘Infamous’ the 4-piece metalcore band have produced one of their heaviest tracks to date. It’s a truly honest offering that digs deep into messages of hurt, leading to severe anger. These themes are portrayed heavily by the crushing vocals and immersive instrumentation.

‘Infamous’ follows the bands recent brutal bruiser in ‘Restitution’. We hear MODES continue to create a momentous sound that is as beautifully brutal as it is honest. Not being afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve the band seamlessly melt impressive technical abilities of the heaviest kind into an array of emotive passages that leave listeners hanging on to every last word.

MODES frontman Ted Berry reveals that the new single Infamous is a song we wrote to reflect on anger and past trauma that we have experienced. We wanted to put this into words to help others feel understood and seen. It’s only human to have been in situations that lead to feeling hurt, angry, and even disappointed in how you have been treated by others.”

Watch the official music video right here: