In times of trouble and uncertainty, we can always count on music to see us through the storm, to bring us back to a place of comfort and light. Uplifting, hopeful music like Freddye Stover’s song “Something to Believe In” is the type of music that can remind you that there’s more than just darkness around you. There’s hope, love, and light. I believe we lose sight of that a lot.

With her captivating, smooth vocals, Miss Freddye tells a story of discovery and, ultimately, victory. She was lost, searching for hope and home. Everyone goes through a period in their life where they feel aimless, unsure of what to do. Miss Freddye encourages the never-ending search of something that you can believe in, something that can make you feel whole again.

Her message is important, and she channels her passion and beliefs through a soaring instrumental, powerful vocals, and meaningful lyrics. With so much music being pumped out into the world for monetary gain and fame, it can be hard at times to find genuine songwriting and true passion. You won’t have to search any further.

Miss Freddye is an artist of pure talent and passion. Her music can touch so many people who need encouragement or proof that they’re not alone in their struggles. That’s the beauty of music, and that’s why we need openly emotional artists to drive forward important messages that everyone needs to hear.

–Mia DeSine