By: Melanie Gomez
Michael Van & The Movers is a country band from Point Richmond, California that consists of Michael Van (coustic guitar, vocals), Pete Ahonen (electric guitar, banjo, vocals), Alan Bond (mandolin, fiddle, vocals), Larry Lawson (bass), and Bob Skye (drums, harmonica.) Their special guests include Mark Berhard Stevenson on steel guitar as well as Noah Duvernell and Paul Ohnemus on drums.

According to Michael Van, their latest single, “A Little More Country,” is about “getting back to the richness of the simple things in life, the roots of our music and the simple truths that try to come out with every song.”

Being an intoxicating, whiskey laden, original, alternative country band, their music explores love, fear, and the truth of reality.
Pete is one of their key members when it comes to writing. For the band’s song “Sounds like rain”, the track was inspired by real stories that Pete’s Grandpa would tell him.

You can listen to their album, A Little More Country, HERE.

Album Tracklist:
Track 1: A Little More Country
Track 2: Skeddadle Mountain Lullaby
Track 3: Gettin Drunk On A Monday
Track 4: Love Me Till Thursday
Track 5: Juanita
Track 6: Gimme Back My Guitar
Track 7: Pretty Penny
Track 8: Center Of The Universe
Track 9: Don’t Mind It If I Do
Track 10: River Road
Track 11: That Train
Track 12: Sounds Like Rain
Track 13: Look At Miss Ohio

Check out their video for “A Little More Country” below”

Michael Van & The Movers