Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is a Canadian singer and songwriter based in Calgary, AB.

He started working on a new record last year, and “Our River” was the second song written for it. MBF wanted to explore the idea that a song could paint a picture of the future, versus detailing something that had already happened.

Our River” was recorded with one of MBF‘s closest friends and the first recording engineer he worked with. Josh Rob Gwilliam is also a Calgarian and the pair have spent many years working together in studio and on the road. Josh and MBF produced these new songs. It took a long time to find this second song, Josh had programmed the beat and MBF wrote the song in the room. They set up a couple microphones in the control room of the studio (OCL Studios Calgary) and worked on these songs without much outside influence, typically recoding early mornings.

Our River” is a great introduction to the mood of MBF‘s forthcoming new record – warm and hopeful, the kind of song that should be played in a car taking its time to get somewhere, or at home with a coffee, partner or a book.