Melted Wings is the multi-genre musical project of Michael Wynn, guitarist and founding member of bands Trains of Winter and Vicky von Vicky. His ‘80s synth pop-inspired new single, “Deep Scars,” follows the success of “Capture Love,” both from his upcoming LP, Cheer For The Deer.

It would be brilliant if you were to feature “Deep Scars” over at OUTLET:

“This album was a labour of love, over the course of the early part of the pandemic,” said Wynn. “The process was similar to a painter painting a picture – adding colours (in this case sounds) with deliberate and improvised paint brush strokes until the sought after mood was found.”

The record was self-produced and self-recorded at Wynn’s home over the course of the last few years, and mixed by Nixon Boyd (Hollerado, Anyway Gang, TV Sets). Cheer For The Deer is out now.