Meghan Krauss, the Boston-based singer, has just released her latest single, This Is Gonna Hurt. It comes from her debut solo album, although she was previously the singer and frontwoman in several groups.

Krauss is a soul-pop, rock and R&B artist with a big voice and a wide range, plus heaps of feeling and very clear delivery. This Is Gonna Hurt is a typical breakup tune, and is the second single from her self-titled album after Let Me Introduce Myself Again. Hailing from the musical hotbed that is Seattle, WA, Krauss draws influence and sound from the likes of Whitney Houston, Ann Wilson and Mariah Carey.

She was classically trained, and this shows in the strength of her vocals and her stage presence. Before striking out solo, she was frontwoman for the East Coast bands HyJinx and Steal the Sky as well as lead singer for alt-rock band Maragold, led by guitarist Greg Howe.

With that pedigree, it’s unsurprising that Meghan was able to call on producer Stephen McKnight and Grammy award-winning engineer Howie Weinberg to help her make her debut solo release.

This Is Gonna Hurt begins quietly with drums and bass, then Meghan’s vocals: ‘Do you have a minute? I remember when you did,’ she states softly. Her voice at the beginning of the track is soulful and emotional, with the occasional touch of vocal fry. By the time she cuts loose in the chorus, the band are in full cry behind her, and the comparisons to her influences Houston and Carey are warranted and true. This is the kind of song which would sound amazing live, and Meghan has the voice to carry a big venue without any additional assistance. The lyric video is available on YouTube, and Meghan also has a healthy presence on Instagram with over 12,000 followers and almost 1,000 posts to date.

Meghan Krauss has been giving interviews to promote her new album. In one, with Authority Magazine on, she credits her choir teacher in the 8th grade with kickstarting her interest in music. She also shares the five things she wishes she had known at the start of her career and gives tips to others on how to handle the pressure and avoid burning out. In addition, she has a half hour-long video interview on YouTube with Melissa Vera.

Anyone who is jaded by the current bland, often autotuned, fare in the charts these days is advised to listen to Meghan Krauss’ album. Her work is proof that there is good music being made and released. It’s just a case of knowing where to look for it.

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