Country singer Matt Westin’s respect for police officers is on full display with his new song “Thin Blue Line.” The song is one every overlooked police officer should hear, as it pays homage to the bravery of their lifestyle. Due to its theme, “Thin Blue Line” is a song that will likely reach far past fans of country music.

One of the most striking lyrics in “Thin Blue Line” comes at the end of the first verse: “Knowing well that goodbye kiss might really mean goodbye.” Here, Westin is alluding to how police officers risk their lives to be on the frontlines. In the chorus, he directly addresses the life-or-death nature of being a police officer, singing “A solute to the fallen heroes for the honor they have earned.” Toward the end of the song, Westin sings what is perhaps one of the most memorable lines of the entire song: “The reward is worth the risk.” Westin sings about both the positives and negatives of being a police officer, but makes sure listeners know that overall he recognizes the nobleness of the position.

Matt Westin uses a combination of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and drums as instrumentation to support his vocals as he pours his heart out for police officers. In particular, the electric guitar solo following the second chorus captures the emotion of the song.

Matt Westin is certainly a name to watch in the music industry. He was named an Emerging Artist by Billboard and his prior songs have earned airplay and seen strong digital sales. “Thin Blue Line” can now be streamed or downloaded on platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.