Matt Westin, a Pittsburgh native, first made his way into the music industry with the release of his debut album ‘Legacy’. A highly personal, true-to-life and empowering collection of tracks that helped Matt form a personal bond with his fans. 

After the successful and very well received releases of the singles ‘Our Redneck Of The Woods’ and ‘Farm Town’, Matt released ‘Stomp On’ from his upcoming EP, which also became a hit among the fans. This all leads to the release of his current single ‘Hey Bro,’ which has also made headway on the charts. Matt’s style is unique and unparalleled, and offers a new perspective to the existing musical scene. The latest 2 singles have proven to have an impressive and unmatched flavour that gives us just a taste of how his next project will be.

Matt has set the bar very high for himself, but will definitely be able to impress his fans with his work. This new single also plays a critical role in framing the upcoming EP for success, as it gives the fans something to look forward to and promises them that good things are on the way.

–Caroline Ruth