Matroda has a career that speaks for itself. The Croatian house master and weaved his way through the dance scene as the years have gone by, producing a sound that is now synonymous with himself and himself alone. The “matrodasound” has just unleashed another impressive body of work in ‘Jack The House 3’, a 6-track EP full of surprises and further exemplifying his all encompassing sound full of dance, piano, and classical elements.

Opening track ‘Wasting Time’ is signature Matroda. Up tempo and an intoxicating rhythm, he follows suit with ‘Temperature’ too. ‘Body Move’ is a real thumper that features Tom Budin, and it’s a proper EDM track that takes Matroda to that elite level of producers. This EP is just another showcase of why Matroda is simply one of the best around, and ‘Jack The House 3’ continues the unstoppable momentum of this true great of the EDM circle.