Singer, songwriter, and musician, Mary Jennings, hails from a family with strong musical roots. She began playing piano at the age of 5, while being taught vocal harmonies by her grandparents. Jennings cultivated her musical talents in school plays/musicals during her adolescence. With the sudden passing of her mother in 2001, Jennings began using music as a means of therapy. In doing so, she established a style of music that is open, raw and genuine, making her personable and relatable to listeners.Through her unwavering determination, commitment and work ethic, Jennings’ music has taken a life of its own. Her song, The Darkness, was used in a Lionsgate motion picture, several songs used in the reality TV show, Dance Moms (Lifetime), WWE documentary, Roadtrip Nation, and other shows, movies, and trailers. Her impressive success story also includes organizing extensive tours and opening for artists like Rachel Yamagata, Teddy Geiger, Jeffery Gaines, Mike Doughty and Ryan Cabrera.

Jennings’ latest album, Matriarch, inspired by her daughter, delivers a level of raw emotion, vulnerability and relatability that fans, old and new alike, will appreciate. The transparent lyrics of This Ride uses the term “ride” as an analogy to represent life. She sings, “Can’t get used to the dips and dives; Just want to make it out alive; How do I get off of this ride?” The notion of life trying to knock us down at every turn is relatable and reels listeners in. Similarly, the song, Withdrawal, touches on depression. She describes the cycle of grasping onto something/someone to make you feel alive, while losing yourself: “So I’ll take another drag and I’ll do another line because the higher I get, the longer I fly. But how long can I keep living this life?” Her soft vocals complement the violin and piano while conveying her emotions beautifully.

Jennings describes her music as often having a melancholy sadness or darkness because she wants to achieve transparency and raw emotion. “I share these emotions with others because I know so many have felt the same things. If I can create melodies and deliver words that express their feelings, I’ve done my job.” Jennings is intentionally open, raw and genuine because she does not want fans to see her as “another musician asking them to come to shows or buy music.” Instead, she contends “It’s more important, and fun, to engage with them and shine a little light on my hobbies and personal life because at the end of the day, I’m really not much different from any of them.”While we love Jennings’ ability to be relatable and open about her life experiences in her songs, we also love her quirky personality and interests. Not only is Jennings an avid horror movie enthusiast, she also has her own clothing line called No Sass Creations. Influenced by her love of thrifting and secondhand clothing, which she learned from her mother, Jennings uses her unique style to sell and make up-cycled accessories. The album, Matriarch, is now available on all streaming platforms.