Mark Peters is a pop, folk, and indie singer/songwriter from London who began writing “24 Years” over 15 years ago while attending university. After all these years, Mark finally revisited and completed his acoustic masterpiece. 

But why do we describe Mark’s music as an acoustic masterpiece? Because that’s what perfectly describes his style. He doesn’t need the glitz and glamour to entertain a crowd. All he needs is his guitar, his awesome melodies, and meaningful lyrics.

With lyrics like, “See lately I assume that there’s truth in your lies” and  “I said 24 years of broken luck / Like a record stuck / 24 years of broken luck / I said look at you now / You’re all grown up,” it seems like he’s missing someone who he was never able to be with because of the type of person they were. But now it’s too late, but at least they changed for the better. It’s powerful lyrics like this that grab the attention of Mark’s audiences, because it’s relatable to most people in one way or another.

If you like artists such as Nick Drake, Ben Harper, and Radiohead, with a touch of blues and jazz, we think you may like Mark Peters!

You can catch Mark on tour in Austria on May 12th and May 26th. Grab your tickets for that HERE

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