Marius is no stranger to experimenting with diverse worldly musical elements. This new track blends soul, jazz, and gospel elements. ‘Joy’ is led by sultry saxophone, soulful guitar, buttery bass, and electric keys, leading up to his smooth vocals – for a sound reminiscent of Bill Withers, Al Jarreau, and Marvin Gaye.


His clever fusion of smooth jazz and R&B makes him a unique songwriter and musician. Fans can look forward to similarly positive and uplifting lyricism in Marius’s full-length album, ‘The Spirit Love,’ out August 27, which entails different facets of love and directs listeners to spreading this love. 

Marius attempts to spread his love by writing, recording, and performing music that expresses who he is and reflects his interesting life background. He shares his gift with an open heart to all his listeners, hoping that they, too, will open up and share a bit of positivity and authenticity with the rest of the world. We are excited to see what else Marius releases and what message he will share next.

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