I am sharing the second single from my upcoming album, Sight Unseen, which arrives on May 29th.

Gone Blind” is a raw and honest communication of my experience being diagnosed with pigment dispersion syndrome, an eye condition where the blue pigment cells in my iris are being rubbed off and plugging the drainage system of my eye, which leads to increased eye pressure that causes glaucoma.

Being diagnosed with a compromising condition is uncomfortable. It seemed final, definitive, and clinical, which I didn’t like. It made me want to revolt. My stubborn and independent nature was challenged.

This song is filled with a lot of discomfort, yet the band’s playing is oddly joyful and there is an openness in my voice. I want you to feel as free singing along with it as I do.

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When first diagnosed I was terrified, thinking I was going to be blind in no time, but that’s thankfully not the case. My eyes certainly aren’t as blue as they used to be and my peripheral vision is compromised, but I can still see.

There is no place to hide in this song. I hope it helps you engage with difficult emotions and know that there is a freedom in confronting one’s fears.

Marin Patenaude